Trevor Ayllon

Hometown/State: Newton, MS

Transfer Institution: East Central Community College

Professional Pathway: Physical Therapy

Tentative Graduation: 2016


Honors/Practical Experience:

I am a recipient of the Phi Theta Kappa and the Riley Foundation Scholarships. I have been on the Dean’s List for two years. I have also worked at the Beehive Nursing Home assisting with the patients.

Why did you choose CEP as your major?

I chose this as my major because I thought it would be a great building block into physical therapy. This program covers many aspects of clinical exercise and health that will be important information in the future. Much of the information discussed pertains to how the body functions and moves, which will greatly assist my studies in physical therapy

Why MSU-Meridian’s Kinesiology program?

I was interested in this course of study, and I then found that the program in Meridian was beginning in the fall of 2014. By this program becoming available in Meridian, it allowed me to choose Kinesiology without major changes in my life. With the program in Meridian I am able to stay home and keep my current job, which works great with my school schedule.

Why did you select physical therapy as your professional pathway?

I’ve always had a desire to help people. The way I’ve always wanted to help people has been medically related. While job shadowing, I felt that my true calling in life was to work in physical therapy. With my dad having been in the military, I have always wanted to have a way to give back to the veterans. By choosing this profession, I will have the ability to improve people’s lives.

What are your aspirations following graduation from professional school/CEP?

After graduation, I hope to be able to get a job with a well-known physical therapy clinic. I want to be able to help people retain mobility they may have lost. I would like to help make improvements, whether it’s something as simple as bending a finger again or standing up and walking again when someone was told they’d never walk again.  I want my patients to look forward to seeing me every session and thanking me for the progress they are seeing, even if it is very little.

Trevor Ayllon portrait