Valerie L. Griffin

Hometown/State: Louisville, MS

Transfer Institution: University of Alabama

Professional Pathway: Rehabilitation Therapist

Tentative Graduation: May 2016

Honors/Practical Experience: Working as a Job Coach at Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

Why did you choose CEP as your major? I chose CEP as a major because of my desire to learn how the body works,  how it can be healthier, and disease free.

Why MSU-Meridian’s Kinesiology program? Smaller campus the abilty to work closer with instructors as well as fellow classmates.

Why did you select __________ as your professional pathway? I selected rehabilitation therapist as my pathway after suffering an injury to my knee.

What are your aspirations following graduation from professional school/CEP? I aspire to work as a therapist in a rehabilitation setting.

Valerie L. Griffin portrait