Meghan McPherson

Hometown/State: Philadelphia, MS

Transfer Institution: East Central Community College

Professional Pathway: Physical Therapy

Tentative Graduation: May 2016


Honors/Practical Experience:

  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Dean’s list
  • Associate’s degree in applied science
  • Elected Who’s Who among students
  • Compass Scholarship
  • Graduated high school as a Mississippi Scholar


Why did you choose CEP as your major?

I have always been interested with anatomy and physiology that I knew I wanted to pursue a career that deals with the body. By choosing CEP, I wanted to better understand the relationship between exercise, health, and how it all correlates with the human body before applying for physical therapy school. I feel that CEP is the best major to prepare me for my future education and future career.


Why MSU-Meridian’s Kinesiology program?

I chose MSU-Meridian’s Kinesiology program because it is closer to my home, so I could be close to my mom since my dad passed away November 1, 2013. When I heard on the radio that MSU-Meridian was opening up this program, I knew it was a gift from God, so I would not have to leave my family at this sensitive time in our lives.


Why did you select____PT______ as your professional pathway?

It has always been my passion to help others. Before I started my freshman year of college, I got to see firsthand at what a Physical Therapist does the summer of 2012, and since then I knew I wanted to aid people back to their usual way of living.



What are your aspirations following graduation from professional school/CEP?

Following graduation, I plan to attend physical therapy school and earn a doctorate degree in physical therapy. After obtaining a degree in PT, I plan on coming back to my hometown or the surrounding areas and work in a hospital or clinical setting.

Meghan McPherson portrait