Holly Stevens

Hometown/State:   Philadelphia, Mississippi

Transfer Institution:     Meridian Community College

Professional Pathway:    Occupational Therapy

Tentative Graduation:     Fall or May of 2017


Honors/Practical Experience:     I have volunteered at Neshoba County Nursing Home ever since I was a senior in high school (2012), and I have continued volunteering there even now that I am in college, and every Wednesday on the major breaks like Christmas break and summer break, I go to the second floor of Neshoba County Hospital to where the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy is located and I observe what they do. I have been observing the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy departments at Neshoba County Hospital for almost two years on the major breaks from the schools.



Why did you choose CEP as your major?     I chose CEP as my major because it will be my stepping stone to get into Occupational Therapy school.



Why MSU-Meridian’s Kinesiology program?     I picked MSU-Meridian’s Kinesiology program because, it being so close to home, it can save me some money in the long run, and I have always wanted to do something in the medical field that didn’t involve anything graphic and I knew that this program wouldn’t be very graphic, if at all, and it is along the same lines of what I really want to do.



Why did you select Occupational Therapy as your professional pathway?    I picked Occupational Therapy as my professional pathway because in the past couple of years I have been observing the Occupational Therapy department at the Neshoba County Hospital, and I have seen them working with kids, and it clicked in my mind that since I love kids so much and want to be in the medical field, why not do something to help kids that doesn’t involve having to give them shots and be the reason that they scream and cry. Why not make getting better at being able to pick up small things fun instead of work? Every child is special no matter if they have a disability or not so why not show the ones that have a disability that they are special and that their disability doesn’t make them weak, but makes them special, and that special people are the ones that other people want to be around and be friends with.



What are your aspirations following graduation from professional school/CEP?    After graduating I plan on working in a hospital environment as a CEP for a while, and then go back to school to become an Occupational Therapist so I can fulfill my dream.

Holly Stevens portrait